Introducing RRM Choices: A Restorative Approach to Your Reproductive Health


A Patient Outreach and resource website aimed to inform, empower and support patients to achieve healthy reproductive health and in turn improve their overall health through Restorative Reproductive Medicine (RRM).


RRM Choices Brings  :


  • hosted, live webinars with guided topics from leading clinicians, coaches and fertility charting teachers of different methods in the area of Restorative Reproductive Medicine
  • a platform for you to ask questions and get science-based answers about your reproductive health and RRM through Q and A sessions and anonymous online submission and case reviews
  • you the resources to learn about the different science- based charting methods (that work!), as well as explore  lifestyle and nutrition changes which can be implemented to improve and aid in treatment and supportive healing of reproductive health conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis , PMS, and infertility
  • A patient to Patient moderated forum to connect with others
  • a dedicated online RRM resource and tool section


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Empowering Patients.  Educating Providers.

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